Straps & Slings

Strap and Sling

Bulk Webbing, Cordura Sleeves, Gator Strap, Endless Sling, Misc Strap, Eye and Eye Sling, Ratchet Strap and Reverse Eye Nylon Sling

Strap and Sling are different from each other in that they cradle the wheel or axle and provide a more secure method of towing that won’t damage the vehicle. Strap and Sling also provide safety to the item being towed and safety to the operator.

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  • WLL - Working Load Limit LBS
  • 266
  • B.S. Breaking Strength LBS.
  • 800

1" Polypropylene Webbing 300 ft.Rolls

From $27.96

2" Polyester Webbing 300 ft Rolls

Commercial grade material 2"x 300 ft.
From $72.95

2" X 8 ft. Gator Lasso Strap with Loop

Used on century, challenger and nomar brand lifts as well as others
From $11.99

2ft Nylon V Bridle with Fittings Axle Straps Tow

Nylon V Bridle 2ft with Fittings Axle Straps
From $73.96

4 Gator Soft 2pr Motorcycle Tie Down Harley Bike Straps Tow Clevis Shackle Axle

Motorcycle Soft Ties
From $16.59

4" Polyester Webbing 300 ft. Rolls

4"x 300 ft. Commercial grade material
From $115.95

8" Nylon J 2 ft V Bridle with Fitting Axle Strap

Nylon 8"J V-Bridle 2ft Towing Wrecker Axle Straps Rollback Sling Tie Down
From $63.96

Axle Strap with Ratchet Combo

Axle tie down strap with ratchet. Measures 2" wide X 9' long. Choose Color
From $16.16

Demco Style Tow Dolly Straps Axle Straps - 13'-'17' Gator Material

Gator 13"-17" Demco Style Flat Hook Tow Dolly Straps Axle Transport
From $47.19

Design your Own Tie Down Ratchet Strap

Choose your Length, end Fittings and Ratchet to design your own strap.
From $0.90

Gator 31'-35' Tow Dolly Straps Axle Straps

SP-MTD 13-35
Gator 13"-35" Tow Dolly Straps Flat Hooks Axle Straps Transport Winch
From $47.99

Gator Ratchet Tie Down Strap 2" Wide - Short End With Fitting

Gator Ratchet Tie Down Strap 2" Wide - Short End With Fitting Axle, Tow Dolly, Shackle
From $11.96

Gator Strap with Choice of End Fitting 2" X 27'

Choice of 7 end fittings; Flat hook, Tapered Flat Hook, Keeper Hook (J), Twisted Snap Hook, Flat Snap Hook, O Ring, E Track. Cordura Sleeve Standard.
From $11.69

Gator Winch Tie Down Straps - 4" x 30 ft.

Breaking strength of 15,000 lbs. Working load limit of 5000 lbs.
From $26.97

Lasso Strap with Flat Hook

Heavy Duty 9800LB. Per Inch Nylon with Flat Hook. - 2" Nylon Webbing.
From $5.39

Lasso Strap with Loops

Heavy Duty 9800LB. Per Inch Nylon with Loops. - 2" Nylon Webbing.
From $5.39

Lasso Strap with 'O' Ring

Heavy Duty Nylon with O-Ring. - 2" Wide 9800 lb. Per Inch Nylon Webbing.
From $5.39

Lasso Strap with Wire Hook

Heavy Duty 9800LB. Per Inch Nylon withWire Hook. - 2" Nylon Webbing.
From $5.39

Motorcycle Soft Ties - Pair - Choose Color

Motorcycle soft tie down straps. 18" long and have a twisted eye on one end for an untangled tie down. Breaking strength is 2,500 LBS. Working load limit WLL is 833 lbs. This is an ideal set up so you don't scratch your handle bars on you street bike or dirt bike and it keeps the metal hooks on your ratchet straps away from the paint or chrome.

Nylon Bent J Cluster V-Bridle 2ft Axle Straps

2 ft V-Bridle Nylon Bent J Cluster Axle Staps
From $63.96