Bulk Chain

Grade 100 Alloy Chain

Alloy chain is rugged, versatile, high-strength, low-weight chain manufactured from special analysis alloy steel. It is quenched and tempered before proof testing and the ultimate tensile strength is over twice that of ordinary steel chain.

Grade 100 Alloy Chain

Similar to the Grade 80 chain, Grade 100 chain is commonly used for overhead lifting applications because of its excellent energy absorption properties, however, Grade 100 chain has the greatest strength to weight ratio of the alloy chains. Peerless Grade 100 chain and components meet the latest guidelines of the National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM), ASTM A952/ A952M and ASTM A973/A973M.

For easy identification, Peerless Grade 100 chain is embossed USA and stamped P10.

Why Choose Grade 100 chain over Grade 80 chain? 

Grade 100 alloy chain is on average a 25% greater Working Load Limit (WLL) over Grade 80.
• Users can experience more working power (WLL) with a smaller diameter chain based upon application.
• Grade 100 reduces the wear on the outer links from dragging on continuous contact with abrasive materials -
and because Grade 100 is harder and more durable, inner link wear associated with normal use is reduced as well - which extends the life of the chain.
• Special chemistry and heat treating processes make Grade 100 our strongest chain option.

Grade 80 Alloy Chain

Grade 80 alloy chain is commonly used for overhead lifting applications because of its excellent energy absorption properties. Peerless Grade 80 chain meets the latest guidelines of the National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM) and ASTM A391/A391M. This is in line with the higher 4-to-1 design factor required by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

For easy identification, Peerless Grade 80 chain is embossed USA and stamped P8.

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Grade 80 alloy chain in a drum bulk.

Chain in a Drum, Grade 80

Bulk Grade 80 Chain in a drum. Made in America and sold by a veteran.
From $931.90
Grade 100 alloy chain in a drum.

Chain in a Drum, Grade 100

Bulk Grade 100 Chain in a drum most commonly used for overhead lifting. Made in America and sold by a veteran.
From $931.90