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Eye & Eye 2 Ply Nylon Slings - 2" Wide

Eye & Eye 2 Ply Polyester Slings - 2" Wide

2 inch wide 2 ply, Eye to Eye Polyester slings from 4' to 20' long. All of our Slings are made of Heavy Duty 9800 lb. per Inch polyester webbing.
From $14.63
Manhole lifter with web legs

The Manhole Lifter - Made with 2 Ply Webbing

Makes freeing old manhole lids easy. Comes with Grade 80 Hooks. WLL: 11,000 lb @ 60* Leg Angle.
From $314.96
Picture of QuikBinder Ratchet Load Binder

QuikBinder Ratchet Load Binder

QuikBinder Chain binder with Ratchet.
From $56.87
Short span lifting beam up to 195 Ton Capacity

Short Span Lifting Beam (Plate Style) - SSLB Series

This lifting beam is ideal for short span applications and can be used where headroom is limited.