Chain & Binders

Chain and Binders

The 3-position pawl offers the user a choice of ratchet extention, ratchet take-up or a “free spin” setting for fast adjustment in either direction. A load can be secured in half the time. Features a vinyl coated barrel for a strong, comfortable grip and a lockable handle

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Picture of QuikBinder Ratchet Load Binder

QuikBinder Ratchet Load Binder

QuikBinder Chain binder with Ratchet.
From $56.87
Ratchet Binder Plus Loadbinder

Ratchet Load Binders

Chain binders with ratchet
From $44.27
Grade 70, Binder Chain Assembly

Chain Binder Assemblies, Grade 70

G70, Binder Chain Assembly. Made in America.
From $63.46
Grade 70, Binder Chain Assembly- By the Drum

Chain Binder Assemblies, Grade 70 - By the Drum

G70, Binder Chain Assembly - By the Drum. Made in America.
From $1,142.86