Gator Straps

Gator Strap

GatorSTRAP is a woven polyester strapping product available in break strengths ranging from 1,200 lbs. to 5,400 lbs. Each GatorSTRAP is designed to replace a specific steel band, providing equal strength while delivering savings, safety, and convenience. It's more cost effective than steel strapping. Has no sharp edges to cause injuries or tire damage. It's a strong steel but weighs 75% less. Easily applied and can be retensioned when necessary

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2" X 8 ft. Gator Lasso Strap with "O" Ring

Gator Webbing 19,600 Lbs Breaking Strength
From $8.99

Demco Style Tow Dolly Straps Axle Straps - 13'-'17' Gator Material

Gator 13"-17" Demco Style Flat Hook Tow Dolly Straps Axle Transport
From $47.19

Gator 31'-35' Tow Dolly Straps Axle Straps

Gator 13"-35" Tow Dolly Straps Flat Hooks Axle Straps Transport Winch
From $47.99

Gator Axle Strap Combo Auto Tie Down with Ratchet Combo - PAIR (2)

1 Pair (2) Gator Axle Strap with Ratchet Combo
From $39.59

Gator Axle Straps - 4 pcs - 2"X 21"

8000 lb. ultimate breaking strength
From $35.99