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The Manhole Lifter -Chain Bridle with Hooks

Makes freeing old manhole lids easy. Comes with Grade 80 Hooks.
From $314.96

V Bridle Nylon 2 ft. The eliminator tow dolly tow strap

One (1) nylon v-chain bridle with 2ft legs and 5/8 peerless chain anchor bolt shackles with the cotter pin which we call the eliminator. It eliminates all hardware so you can pick, choose and build your own bridle. You can choose different end fittings: 8 inch J hooks, 15 inch J hooks, cluster with R fitting, J fitting, T fitting, and grab hook. Cluster with Bent J hook, cluster with Forged J hook, and cluster for imports. It is rated at 5400 lbs. It is actually a polyester web sling material which has less stretching ability than the regular nylon. It is still 9,800 lbs. per inch material. The poly is covered fully with black cadura material for extra wear and tear ability which no one else offers
From $47.96

V-Bridle Nylon 2ft Combo Pack Strap Sling Clevis Tow

Misc Product
From $159.97

Chain and Grab Hook Tie Down Strap- 4"x30 ft.

Winch tie down straps with chain and grab hook end. DOT approved.
From $26.99

Pallet Puller with Webbing and Cadura Sleeve 8 ft.

Pallet Puller with full body cadura sleeve. Great for the warehouse! We utilize 12,000 lb webbing with commercial grade 8" J Hooks.
From $53.96